Year-End Awards 2023

It’s hard to believe that the 2023 show season for MRSC is now over!  

What a great year it has been!

We cannot thank you all enough for coming out and showing with us!

If you nominated for Year-End Awards, it’s now time to select your awards.  Please see the steps and links below to complete this process!  

Please note that the deadline for award orders is November 7th.  This is to ensure that all items will be here by the awards banquet in February 2024.

Any orders placed after November 7th will be checks.  

Step 1:  How many credits do I have to spend?

Please see the 2023 Final Placings by Back Number document.  Use the link below to access this document.

Scroll through the document until you find your back number.  They are somewhat organized by division, from Leadline and Walk to Adult and Ranch.  Once you find your  name and back number, you will see your Total Credits, and this is the amount that you have to spend in the catalog (steps 2 and 3).  Essentially,  one credit equals $1.

If you have more than one horse that you showed and nominated, please find both back numbers.  You are able to combine these credits when spending them.

Step 2:  What items can I choose from to spend my credits for year-end awards?

Please see the 2023 MRSC Year-End Awards Catalog by clicking the link below.  

Under each item, you will see the amount of credits required to order that item.

You are able to spend credits over your total credits earned.  However, the difference must be paid at the time of the order.  We will not be able to order your requested items (if they exceed total credits earned) until this difference is paid.   You will receive an invoice via email shortly after you submit your form.

Step 3:  How do I place my order for year-end awards?

Please use the link below to complete the form to place your order.

Didn’t spend all of your credits?  Please indicate the difference on the order form, and you will receive a check for that amount.  See page 2 in the awards catalog for more details on how to request a check in your order form.

Spend more credits than you earned?  Please remember that the difference must be paid before your order will be placed.  An invoice will be mailed to you to pay this difference soon after your order form is submitted.  Please pay this invoice in a timely manner so that your order can be placed promptly.


Questions?  Please reach out to our Awards Secretary, Liz Otten, by email at [email protected].